Director's Message
Dear Customers
As population movements through the Asia pacific continue to grow, the use of information to better inform agencies, communities and individuals in origin, transit and destination countries about travel and migration to Vanuatu are of increase importance. The Vanuatu immigration and passport services have the pleasure to launch this new VIS website. The aim of the website is to ensure we provide information to our customers and public and in return assist us in managing the movement of the population that resides and those that visit Vanuatu. The immigration and passport services are quite complex in their own nature but very important and useful for the drivers of change. All changes will have impact on our institutions, communities and individuals. They could have positive or negative impact which end up affecting the life of our society. It was for these reasons that the immigration services were established around the world. However each country organised its immigration services based on their past experiences and the level of understanding they build in time. Vanuatu immigration has gain a lot of experience since the beginning of its establishment. We have learn about how to allow people in and how to control non genuine influences however there are still more to learn and to improve. This website will as well bring us closer to our population and we anticipate in the near future the emergence of another level of participation from our customers and public. We hope that this website will assist you to learn and build your understanding on the role, function and supports you can get from the immigration services.
Yours sincerely
Jeffrey Markson