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Applicant's Details

Please read this information carefully before completing your application.

Who should use this form? Use this form if you are outside Vanuatu, are not an exempt person, and are applying for a visa to visit Vanuatu for a period of up to 30 days for purposes such as tourism, to visit friends or family, or to attend a meeting or conference.
• One form should be completed by each applicant. 

• The exact visa application charge must accompany the application in Vatu or via international money transfer.

• Visitors to Vanuatu must be willing to abide by the following Visitor visa conditions:

 the visa holder must comply with all laws of Vanuatu;

 the visa holder must not behave in a manner that is prejudicial to peace, good order, good government or public morality in Vanuatu;

 the visa holder must not commence or continue in any paid employment or commercial business activities in Vanuatu; and

 the visa holder must inform Vanuatu Immigration of any significant changes in his or her personal or financial circumstances.

• Please be aware that incomplete or partially complete applications will not be accepted. Information in a language other than English, French or Bislama needs to be translated by a certified translator into one of these languages.

• If you have any questions regarding this application, visa requirements and/or visa conditions please contact Vanuatu Immigration on Telephone: +678 22354

1. When do you wish to visit Vanuatu?


2. Give your details as shown on your passport. 

3. Have you been known by any other name? :
Please give details and provide supporting documentation :
4. Gender:
5. Date of birth :
Place of birth:

8. Details of your passport 

Country of passport :
Passport number:
Place of issue:
Date of Issue:
Date of Expiry:

9. Do you hold any other citizenship? 

9. Do you hold any other citizenship?:
If yes, please specify:
10. Relationship Status :
Name of partner/ spouse/ fiancée :
Date of birth:
11. Your country of usual residence :
12. Your residential address in your country of usual residence :
13. Your telephone numbers outside Vanuatu (include country and area code) :
14. Address for correspondence :
15. Do you agree to Vanuatu Immigration communicating with you, or your authorised representative, by fax or e-mail? :

If yes, please give details 

E-mail address:
Fax number:
16. Why do you want to visit Vanuatu? :
17. Your address and telephone number in Vanuatu or the name of your hotel (if known):

Previous Visa Applications 

18. Have you previously spent any time in Vanuatu? :

If yes, please give the following details

Type of Visa held :
19. Have you ever been refused a visa to come to Vanuatu?:
if yes, please give details:
20. Have you: • ever had or currently have tuberculosis? • been in close contact with a person who has active tuberculosis? :
If yes, please give details:
21. Are you suffering from a contagious disease and/or a mental illness? :
If yes, please give details :