Port of Entries

Entry to Vanuatu is only allowed at the declared ports of entries. Border control section managed the entries at declared airports and sea ports.

Border control oversee the Entry and Departure Requirements such as:

  1. All international entry and departure must only be processed at declared appointed ports.
  2. Masters or agent/s of sea vessels and Commanders of aircraft about to enter or depart Vanuatu must provide in advance a duplicate list of all crews and passengers.
  3. Passport validity must not be less than six (6) months prior to entry and departure.
  4. Provide hard/soft copy proof of return ticket back to usual country of residence/and or country of origin
  5. Required entry / departure forms must be filled out as required.
  6. Proof of sufficient funds to sustain/cater for the duration of stay in Vanuatu (applicable to visitors only).
  7. Non Exempt Visa Countries must possess a prior entry visa before entering Vanuatu (application must be lodged while applicant is not in Vanuatu)

Ensure to wait for an approval letter before departure and provide to this office the Skippers confirmation letter of acceptance to join the ship / yacht.
Skipper’s approval letter along will not be accepted as such; entry into the country will also be denied. A fee of 6.000 vatu payable to Vanuatu Immigration Services before processing.