Border Control

Protecting our borders in a way that keeps out those regarded as a risk to the public while allowing lawful trade and travel is one of the crucial duties of the Department of Immigration and Passport Services. While carrying out our duties, we’re dedicated to treating everyone with professionalism, fairness, and compliance Vanuatu’s immigration Act and regulations.

Due to the dispersed nature of Vanuatu’s islands, there are several approved ports of entry for all crafts, yacht and vessels.

Designated Ports of Vanuatu

Air Ports

  • Bauerfield International Airport (VLI)
  • Pekoa International Airport (SON)
  • Whitegrass International Airport (TAH)

Sea Ports

  • Lapeitasi port, Port Vila, Efate Island
  • Niscol port, Lugainville, Espiritu Santo
  • Lenakel port, Tanna Island
  • Mistery port, Aneityum Island
  • Litzlitz port, Malekula Island
  • Sola port, Vanualava Island


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