23 Jun 2017
21 Mar 2017

Business Visa

A Business visa is a visa that is specifically given to applicant who wants to come to Vanuatu to engage or involved in business. The criteria that has to be met before the director grant a business visa  to an applicant is :

  • Carrying out a business activity with a Vanuatu based business organization; or
  • Conducting business negotiation; or
  • Carrying out an exploratory business visit.

The Act is not clear as to who are a business visitor and someone who can come under a business visa.  In pursuant to Business License Act, a business is denoting as “any lawful occupation (other than occupations specified in Schedule 2) carried on for a profit: Which we can summaries to mean that anything that someone do lawful and there is a profit from it.

Immigration will grant business visa to applicants who are in Vanuatu only:  if they come to carry out business activity with a Vanuatu based business organizations, contact business negotiations, or carrying out an exploratory business.  Under these three principles it guides us to who a business visa is granted to.  Someone that is in Vanuatu to participate in a Business meeting, conference, seminar, workshop, training, and internship and does not get profits from should circle Visitor since our business visa has only captures for those who are here to do something that will earn them profit.

Our Immigration officers at the Airport monitor your Arrival card and if you tick business as your reason to come to Vanuatu without a Business Visa you will have to pay a charge fee of 20,000vt.

  • Duration of Business Visa

Business visa has two categories. Business Single Entry Visa where the applicant will continue to undertake employment activities for that period of 3 months only. This means that in a year, you will enter Vanuatu only once and can stay for up to 90 days. You have to leave Vanuatu on the day the visa expires or before the day the visa will expire.  Within 3 months you cannot travel out of Vanuatu and come backs again because this will not serve the purpose of single entry.

Business Multiple entry visa, the applicant will continue to undertake the employment activities for that duration of the visa for a period of up to 3 months at any one time.  For a multiple entry visa, the visa will not be granted more than 10 months.  This means the applicant can come and work for 3 months and leaves, then comes to spend the next 3 months and leave, then have to come and complete the final 3 months. This means that within a year you will enter Vanuatu 3 times only.



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24 Oct 2016

Advisory Notice

Advisory notes # 1

The Vanuatu Immigration Services would like to advise and inform all the Citizens of Vanuatu who will be planning to travel to New Caledonia to have in mind the 3 months Visa Waiver period. The three months visa waiver is the maximum period of stay in New Caledonia. This is a privilege that the Vanuatu passport holder has and should not take the privilege for granted. The visa waiver is for short term visits and Vanuatu Citizens should be aware of that.

Therefore the travelling advice is for citizens to make sure that they have with them a valid Vanuatu Passport and air ticket to Travel.

We encourage Vanuatu Citizens to make use of that privilege but also on the following principles.

  1. Be good ambassadors of Vanuatu in New Caledonia
  2. Have to abide to all the laws of New Caledonia (Do not overstay)
  3. Not to misused that privilege
  4. Always indulge in a friendly exercise
  5. To have a returned ticket home.
  6. To make sure that you travel with genuine travelling documents. i.e – passport, travelling ticket.

Remember that when travelling to another country you should respect and abide to the immigration laws of that country. Each country has its own jurisdiction to deal with the internal affairs and manage the risk to immigrant comings to their border. Again we like to remind all Vanuatu passport holder s not abuse that right of free entry to New Caledonia. The right to free entry is not absolute. Please also check the French Embassy in Vanuatu for further clarification.

Advisory note # 2

Advisory notes for Vanuatu passport holders who were issued with a Vanuatu passport from the month of May to September 2015.

To all the Vanuatu passport holder that being issued with a Vanuatu passport from the month of May to September 2015. The Vanuatu Immigration Services and Passport office would like to inform and advice everyone that being issued with a Vanuatu Passport from that period to return their passport. This is a period that Vanuatu has been facing difficulties with its passport stock. We would like to advise those passport holders to return their passport so we could have that passport replace. The Vanuatu Passports that were issued within that period of May to September has a serial number that commenced with letter V followed with 6 digit numbers. Anyone that is in possession of this passport should return them to the passport office for a replacement.

Upon receipt, the passport office will replace that passport with no fee charge. We apologies for any inconvenient caused and looking forward to the cooperation and assistance of everyone.

Please also note that the mentioned passport should only be used within the Pacific Region including Australia and New Zealand.

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