VIS has established a compliance unit now providing a daily 8 hours friendly service to VIS customers. Its main purpose is to ensure that all foreigners wanting to visit or have resided in Vanuatu, must always comply with the immigration Act and regulation, and that, the immigration Act is not to be breached. Counselling and advice with regards to visa application, immigration requirements are also provided by this unit.

Visa application requirements

Customers have to be aware that lodgement of visa application must meet all requirements specified in the visa application checklist form. Visa application will not be accepted and will be refused and denied payment if failed to provide appropriate relevant documents mention on the application checklist form. Note that a person commits an offence under section 80 of the immigration Act if he/or she makes a false declaration on an application for visa.

Over stayers and breached of visa condition

Visitors and residence are also advised that over stayers will not be tolerated by the Vanuatu Immigration Service. Over stayers will be penalised and can be deported if they get got.

Penalties and visa cancellation notices will be served to a visa holder whenever he/she has breached the conditions of his/her visa.

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