Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services Introduction

The border security and border control was an essential service been provided during the colonial days under Joint regulation and was strengthen by the Vanuatu Government with the creation of the Immigration Act Cap 66 of 1971 and the portfolio was and is still under the Ministry of Internal affairs. Police Department was the administrator of that service delivery from the beginning until the new immigration act No17 of 2010 came into effect.

In 2010 the Vanuatu Government had established a new immigration act that gather for the new realities and opened up new ports of entries in the south, central and northern part of the country.

The new legislation emphasis is directed at the role, activities and performance of the Vanuatu Immigration Department as the government agency responsible for migration management.

Immigration department is mandated to provide an efficient and effective immigration service through the application and enforcement of the Immigration and Passport Acts.

The Department administers immigration functions regarding tourist and student visa, residence permits, passports, border control clearances, detention, removals and deportations. Delivering on the mandate includes the formulation and implementation of policies relating to residence permits as a consequence to investments and work permits issued by VIPA and Labour Department respectively, passports and the maintenance of services at ports of entry. It is also meant to provide statistics for the use by various government departments and the private sector for planning purposes.