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Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Location

The Department of immigration and passport services administers immigration functions regarding tourist and student visa, residence permits, passports, border control clearances, detention, removals and deportations.

The Mission statement of the department for the coming years is:

Vanuatu hemi ples we mi laekem blong liv long hem.” “Vanuatu my preferred place to live” “ Vanuatu mon pays de residence prefere ”

To achieve that mission the key national priority objectives includes strengthening the Vanuatu’s border control, facilitating people’s movement and enhancing the facilitation of economic activities through improved migration management, including transnational crime such as trafficking, smuggling and terrorism activities.

The main office of Vanuatu immigration is located in Port Vila at the Remi Delafeuve Street on the left side of the entrance of the Shefa province headquarter. See image below.