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Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services wish to inform all foreign nationals who are interested in applying for 10 years Permanent Residency under the Vanuatu PR program, that Vanuatu government has authorized the following organizations to issue the Permanent Residency card on behave of the government under S12(6B) and S12(6A).

  • ACE Oversea Solutions
  • Azzam Makhlouf
  • Blue Mirror Limited
  • Bridge International Agency Co Limited
  • COSMO Consultancy Vanuatu
  • Indigene Lawyers
  • NEU Immigration Consultancy Services
  • Pacific stars Consultant Vanuatu Limited
  • PRG Consulting Limited
  • Standford Knight & Partners
  • VIMB Limited

 The appointment is made in accordance to the Immigration law of the republic of Vanuatu under the Visa regulation order N0 180 of 2011, clause 12 (6) and schedule 4.

All foreign national who wish to apply for the 10 year Permanent Residency card without residing in Vanuatu will have to apply through designated agents. Vanuatu Immigration will not accept any application that is lodge directly to the department for a permanent residency visa without residing in Vanuatu.