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Regulatory Unit

Regulatory Unit is a Unit within the Department of Vanuatu Immigration & Passport Services and its main functions are:

  1. to make sure that the visa and passport applications are lodge within the precinct of the Act.
  2. Provide Interpol checks on visa applicants
  3. Penalized overstayed in Vanuatu
  4. investigate immigration breaches
  5. Prosecute cases in court
  6. Provide checks to all foreigners who are in Vanuatu and to make sure they are in compliance to the laws of Vanuatu and conditions of their visa


Any Foreigners who overstayed their Visa are subjected to being penalize by the Compliance officer or be prosecute. Pursuant to section 26 (4) of the Immigration Act an overstayed citizen is someone who arrives in Vanuatu with a valid Visa and failed to renew or extend their visa before the expiry date of their Visa. Immigration Officer will penalize an offender and gives him or her 30 days to pay for their penalty. Failure to pay for the penalty will amount to prosecution. The penalty cost of overstaying your visa in Vanuatu is 250,000vt.

Visa Cancellation

  1. The person has not passed the character test or no longer passes the character test; or
  2. the person has on or after the grant of the visa been convicted of an offence, in Vanuatu or
  3. another country, and sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more, life imprisonment or the death penalty; or
  4. the person is suffering from a contagious or other disease, or a mental condition, which makes his or her presence in Vanuatu a risk to the health of the community in Vanuatu; or
  5. the person does not have the financial means to support himself or herself, and any of his or her dependents; or
  6. the person made a statement that is false or misleading in a material particular in his or her application for the visa; or
  7. the person has not complied with a condition of his or her visa; or
  8. another person required to comply with a condition of the visa has not complied with that condition; or
  9. the visa should not have been granted because the application for the visa or its grant was in contravention of this Act; or
  10. any circumstances which permitted the grant of the visa no longer exist; or
  11. the presence of the person in Vanuatu is a risk to the safety or good order of the community in Vanuatu; or
  12. a ground prescribed by the regulations for cancelling a visa applies to the person.

Why People are being remove from Vanuatu?

Only Foreigners who breached the laws of Vanuatu are subjected to be removed in Vanuatu by a Ministerial order. Removal of non-citizens happen in two ways:

  1. Removal with notice
  2. Removal without notice.

Anyone who is subject by a removal order by law (Section 55 of the Immigration Act) is to be detain in custody or at such a place as the Director may determine until the person is remove from Vanuatu.