Compliance Section

As we are moving forward through time, the trend in people movement to our beautiful Vanuatu is on the rise. It is the government’s obligation to ensure that our border control is manageable in a more secure effective operative basis. This will prevent the tremendous global malicious activities such as over stayer, use of fraudulent documentations, human trafficking and other irregular related immigrant issues. Foreigners and migrants are caution and advised not to breached visa and stay conditions when entering Vanuatu as there will be heavy consequence.

The compliance section under regulatory unit is strengthening its capacity to control and manage profiling of current and new visa individuals. Based on the control masers, we monitor period of stay of a particular visa holder, what activities they are undertaking and for what intentions they are travelling for. If you get got by breaching immigration Act or any other laws of Vanuatu, you will be penalized and can further be prosecuted to court depending on the cause of the offence. Serious and uncooperative offenders will be deported.

Team will be going around to contact monthly spot checks in residential areas, industrial companies, and commercial premises to crack down on illegal immigrant and over stayers. The immigration Act paragraph 18 gives the power to an officer to search an aircraft, vessels, vehicle, premises and land.

Spot checks purpose is to ensure that all foreigners must have proper documentation at their work place, and residential household. Additional to spot check operations, Counselling and advice with regards to visa application, cross border requirements are also provided by compliance team.

Visa application requirements

Customers have to be aware that lodgment of visa application must meet all requirements specified in the visa application checklist form. Visa application will not be accepted and will be refused and denied payment if failed to provide appropriate relevant documents mention on the application checklist form. Note that a person commits an offence under section 80 of the immigration Act if he/or she makes a false declaration on an application for visa.

Over stayers and breached of visa condition

Visitors and residence are also advised that over stayers will not be tolerated by the Vanuatu Immigration Service. Over stayers will be penalized and can be deported if they get got.

Penalties and visa cancellation notices will be served to a visa holder whenever he/she has breached the conditions of his/her visa.