This residency visa is available for those who are intending to reside in Vanuatu to do employment, residing with partners and families for more than 12 months or more: The application (2-0) may be done outside the country and must be approved before traveling to Vanuatu.


It is the Vanuatu Immigration Services requirements to provide with your application, all the visa requirements in the Residency visa application under the ‘check list’ and it is the Vanuatu Immigration Services requirements to comply with the condition of the entire visa processing’s

If you have any questions regarding the application please contact the Vanuatu Immigration on –


  • Application Form
  • Original Police Clarence
  • Medical Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Qualification Certificate
  • De-Facto Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immigration Bond
  • Copy of first page of passport
  • Work Permit
  • VIPA Certificate
  • Business License
  • Land Lease Certificate
  • Acceptance Letter from School
  • Admission note from previous school
  • Amount of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Vatu certify by in black and white in local bank
  • 2 photos
  • Fee (57,000 Vatu)

Application Form

Application for Residence Visa

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