According to the Vanuatu passport Act, the citizens of Vanuatu are eligible to a Vanuatu passport.

It is also an international requirement for all citizens who travel to have in their possession an official travel document from their country of origin with specific details of their personal identity.

The Vanuatu government as a sovereign state has its own passport and manages its issuance process and the protection of its integrity.

The passport office takes care of the passport issuance system and processes. The office is also in charge of the management of the passport stocks and facilitate the revenue collection from issuance of passports. The office also takes the responsibility for the printing process of the passport books down to the delivery or despatching to the rightful holder.

The passport office is situated at the compound of the Ministry of internal affairs up at the independence park.

Passport process:

Passport applications are to be lodge using the prescribe passport application form, to the passport office.

There are several passport customer’s service desk established in Port Vila and in the provinces to assist with the passport issuance process.

Passport Application forms can be downloaded from this site and lodged to the following offices:

Port Vila: Civil status office

Luganville: Immigration Santo branch office

Tanna: Immigration Tanna branch office

Vanuatu High commission’s office: Brussels Europe

Beijing China

Canberra Australia

Vanuatu consular services Auckland New Zealand

Noumea New Caledonia


All queries on passport issuance are to be lodged to the following email address:

© 2016 Department of Immigration. All rights reserved.

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