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Application should be submitted with:

        Two (2) recent Identical passport photos (less than 6 months old). The Identity witness must write the             applicant’s full name on the back of the one photo, and sign and date the back of the photo.

       Copy married certificate (women only)

       Copy of citizenship certificate issued by the Vanuatu Citizenship office

       Copy of confirmation letter issued by the Vanuatu Citizenship office

       Copy of birth certificate for home country

       Copy of FIU (Financial intelligence unit) clearance certificate

       Copy of Police clearance of home country

       Copy of National ID card of home country

       Copy of original passport of home country

The appropriate fee (VT) for the service required

                * Child 0 to 5 years old   VT 5,000

                * Child 6 to 17 years old   VT 7,000

                * Normal VT10,000 (up to 21 days processing time)

                *Express VT20,000 (up to 10 days processing time)

                * Urgent VT25,000 (up to 3 days processing time)

Click download to download form.