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Vanuatu Passport unit
The Unit of Passport is at the Department of Vanuatu Immigration & Passport Services
and it specifically to issue and administration of Vanuatu Passports, Certificates of
Identity and other travel documents approved by the Director of Vanuatu Immigration &
Passport Services.

What is a Vanuatu Passport?
A Vanuatu Passport is a travelling document that is issued by the Government of
Vanuatu for the purpose of facilitating international travel. It shows the identity and
nationality or citizenship of a national of Vanuatu, but does not include such a document
that expired and is incapable of being renewed, or that has been cancelled.

Note that any Travelling documents of Vanuatu are the property of Vanuatu. The right
in a passport is not defeated or affected by any security, pledge, deposit, or
encumbrance given, made or accepted in respect of the Vanuatu passport or travel
documents by the holder of the passport of by any person. Any person who makes any
agreement to give his passport out is void as per the passport Act No 20 of 2019.

Who is eligible for Vanuatu Passport?
Only Citizens of Vanuatu are allowed to apply for Vanuatu Passport as per the
Passports Act No 20 of 2009.
What are the two approved Vanuatu travelled Documents?
1. Vanuatu passport
2. Certificate of Identity

How long does it take to get a Vanuatu Passport?
As per the Validity and Application for Passports (Amendment) Order No. 67 of 2010,
anyone who applied and paid for a Vanuatu passport, the passport will be printed in
accordance to the fees paid. Meaning for example, if you paid your passport application
for 25 thousand Vatu, you suppose to received your passport within 3 days. Refer to
Passport application Form A, Form B, Form C.

Where can I get a Vanuatu Passport?

Vanuatu Passport may be collected in the Following Immigration office in the province.
1. Immigration Office Port Vila [Shefa Province]
2. Immigration Office l Santo [Sanma Province]
3. Immigration Office Malekula [ Malampa Province]
4. Immigration Office at Tanna [Tafea Province]
5. Immigration Office at Ambae [Penama Province]
In the near Future, Immigration office will be located at Torba Province.

Where can I Lodge Vanuatu Passport Application in Vanuatu?
One of the policies of the government of the day is to bring the services closer to the
people. With the Direction of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Director General and
directors within the Ministry, they want the Immigration office to be station at all 6
Provinces in Vanuatu. Therefore, you may lodge your application at the offices in the
Six Provinces.

When overseas, where can I lodge my passport application?
You may lodge your passport application at the Heads of mission overseas.
See the address to communicate with them.
However, you may also have the option to send your application online to this email
address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., while informing your relative to do the payment
on your behalf.

I am a dual citizen.
Any Vanuatu citizen with a dual citizenship should enter or leave Vanuatu on their
Vanuatu Passport. Immigration border officials will not stamp visa to a citizen of

Could someone use my passport details
It is an offence pursuant to section 16 (1) (a) (b) (c) (d) of the Passport Act No 20 of
2010 for a person to commit the following:
1. Uses a Vanuatu Travel document that he or she has reasonable cause to
    suspect has expired or has been cancelled
2. Uses a Vanuatu travel document which has been issued to another person
3. Permits another person to uses his travel document to travel [ Imposter]

4.Without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, takes or retains in his or her
   possession a travel document against the will of the holder of the passport.

Are Holder of Vanuatu Passport need Vanuatu Visa?
Legally under the Immigration Act and the passport, no citizens of Vanuatu are allowed
to have Vanuatu Visa because they are citizens of Vanuatu.

What happens when your Passport Expires?
Use passport application Form C to apply for the renewal of Vanuatu Passport.
Noted also, Pursuant to section 27 No 20 of 2009, a passport is to be return to the
Government because the Vanuatu travelling documents are the property of the Republic
of Vanuatu. Any one who still keeps his old Vanuatu Passport must return to the
Department of Vanuatu Immigration Services.


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