Application should be submitted with:

          Two (2) recent Identical passport photos (less than 6 months old).  The Identity witness must write the applicant’s full name on the back of one photo, and sign and date the back of the photo.

        Previous Vanuatu Passport

        Provide a police report or sign the Immigration lost or damage declaration form.

        Copy of birth certificate

        Copy of certification letter for the purpose of traveling

        Copy of medical certificate certified by a medical professional if traveling for medical treatment.

        Labor Mobility – Copy of letter from authorized recruiting agent

The appropriate fee (VT) for the service required

                * Child 0 to 5 years old   VT 5,000

                * Child 6 to 17 years old   VT 7,000

                * Normal VT10,000 (up to 21 days processing time)

                *Express VT20,000 (up to 10 days processing time)

                * Urgent VT25,000 (up to 3 days processing time)

Fees for lost and damaged passport

               *Vanuatu citizens VT50,000

               *Citizens by Investment   VT 100,000

Click download to download application form.

Contact Us

Department of Immigration & Passport Services 

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