VISA Section

 The Visa section is responsible for receiving all visa applications (hard and soft copies). All hard copy applications should be lodged at our Counter Service from 08:00am-12:00am from Monday to Friday ONLY. Any INCOMPLETE application will be refused.
Each application is treated seriously commencing by its file registration, document assessment, due diligence check and character test prior to processing the approval.
Vanuatu is still under a State of Emergency until the 31st December 2021 with border closure.
Every NEW APPLICANTS for residence visa, business visa, student visa or special category visa residing oversea MUST obtain an approval of entry from the NDMO (National Disaster Management Office) before we can start to process the visa.
Immigration agents/consultants: There are immigration agents/consultants that are established in country with the aim of providing assistance to customers with their visa applications. Vanuatu Immigration department encourages individual to make use of their services otherwise if they decided to take charge of their own application we advise that when you lodge your application it has to be complete as we do not take incomplete applications.
The process duration should not be more than ten (10) working days if application is complete. All required visa fees are specified o Table 2 of the Immigration Visa Regulation Order No180 of 2011.