What is a Visitor?

A visitor visa is sometimes known as a Tourist Visa in various countries as well as Vanuatu. Not to create doubt, strictly we should use the name visitor visa with the customers and with explanation of what a visitor visa mean. A visitor visa is a short term visa that is given to a genuine tourist or a social visitor that decides to visit Vanuatu.

Who can have a visitor Visa?

Visitor Visa will be granted to any nationalities who wanted to come to Vanuatu for a short term visit. However, exception applies in cases where the applicant did not meet the character test. We have problems in the past of not very genuine visitors coming to Vanuatu. For instance, we had some visitors who involve in businesses activities which contravene the Immigration Act. They should apply for business visa since the trip to Vanuatu is for business.

See the list of countries that are exempt from Vanuatu Visa.

Who cannot get a Visitor Visa?

Person who wishes to enter Vanuatu must not:

  • not be a prohibited immigrant.
  • not be a person that the minister prevented from coming back to Vanuatu.
  • Passes the character test.
  • Not be suffering from a contagious or other disease, or a mental condition, which makes their presence in Vanuatu a risk to the health of the community in Vanuatu.
  • Security required under section 8 being provided to the satisfaction of the Director.
  • Has the financial means to support himself or herself, and all of his or her dependents (if any).
  • Has a genuine intention of visiting and departing Vanuatu within 30 days.
  • Have a return ticket or has satisfactory means of travelling from Vanuatu to a place outside Vanuatu which he or she will be able to enter.
  • Have an written consent from his/her parents or legal guardians if the applicant is under 18 years of age.
Where do I get a Visitor Visa?

A visitor visa application form can be downloaded from the link below or clink on the link to apply on online. Download a Visitor VISA form.

Duration for obtaining a Visitor Visa

The maximum period of granting a visitor visa is 30 days. This means that the duration of stays in Vanuatu must be not more than 30 days. If a person who had been given a visitor visa and fails to fly out before the 30 days, the compliance officers will summon the offender and give that person a fine that was subject in the regulation. The extended visa gathers for visitor visa extension. Noted: If a person has a visitor visa and travels out of Vanuatu before the 30 days, that person’s visitor visa is taken to have expired on that day the person departs Vanuatu.

Where to obtain a visitor visa and what are the requirements?

We have the visitor visa application form that the applicants need to fill up. Applicants that are coming from the exempt countries will receive their visitor visa upon arrival. There is a check list in the application form, each applicant must makes sure that they fill in the appropriate form and provides relevant information required. If the application is handed in partially, then the application will be pending or invalid as pursuant to section 36 of the Immigration Act. A Passport Officer will let the applicant know if the passport is still pending and needs further details.

Renewal of visitor visa

For visitors who wishes to stay longer than 30 days in Vanuatu, must call in to the nearest Immigration office to apply for extension using Vanuatu Immigration Services prescribed application form 1-1 and this application form is available on this website.

Requirements for an Extension of Visitor Visa: 

  • Application Form
  • Return Ticket
  • Statement from the bank
  • Immigration bond
  • Approval Duration
  • 2 Photo
  • Fee (6,000 VT or Four Months and 12,000 VTfor Over 4 months)
  • Copy of first page of passport

Download Visitor Visa Extension Form