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Business Visa

If you’re a business traveler seeking opportunities in Vanuatu, our Business Visa is designed to facilitate your journey. Vanuatu offers a range of business visa options to cater to various purposes, from meetings and negotiations to exploratory visits and temporary employment.

  • The Director reserves the right to grant or refuse the application based on the assessment of every individual application. The application form must be filled thoroughly and signed.
  • Payment for visas is made directly to the government cashier by check or cash. We do not have any online payment facility yet.
  • If any of the above is not provided, application will be rejected.

Vanuatu Immigration & Passport Services offers 2 types of business visa:

  • Business Single Entry visa valid for 3 months
  • Business Multiple Entry visa valid for 10 months

These visas are offered to foreign nationals travelling to Vanuatu with below intentions:

  • Attend seminars
  • Provide trainings to employees
  • Provide short term special skilled human resource on temporary work permit
  • Undertake business exploratory trip
  • Business negotiations with local business partners
  • Undertake Researches with the Vanuatu Cultural Center Research Permit
  • Filming with the Vanuatu Cultural Center Film permit
  • Other activities related to business, commercial, short term employment

Click the link below to download the business visa application form.

Documentary Requirements
  • Application form duly completed.
  • Copy of valid passport (validity more than 6 months).
  • Receipt for payment of associated fees (20,000 VUV or 35,000 VUV).
  • Copy of proposed itinerary for intended traveling.
  • Purpose of applying for a Business visa:
    • Business (Meetings, Exploratory & Negotiations)
      • Confirmation letter from the institution or company of origin.
      • Confirmation letter from an institution/company in Vanuatu that will support his/her purpose of visit.
    • Filming / Research
      • Filming permit from Vanuatu Cultural Center.
    • Temporary Employment
      • Cover letter from the business partner/employer.
      • Copy of valid temporary Work Permit from Labour Department.
      • Copy of valid Business License, VIPA, and VFSC for Employing Company.
  • If the person is inside the country, they need to pay Change of Status and provide a receipt copy of payment.

For further clarification, please contact us on [email protected]