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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover essential information about the eligibility, issuance, and maintenance of Vanuatu passports, ensuring a clear understanding of the process and your rights as a Vanuatu citizen. Whether you’re a citizen, a dual citizen, or a potential applicant, these FAQs are designed to provide clarity and guidance on matters related to Vanuatu travel documents.

A Vanuatu Passport is a government-issued travel document designed for international travel. It serves as proof of identity and Vanuatu citizenship. Please note that expired or canceled passports do not fall under this definition.

Only citizens of Vanuatu are eligible to apply for a Vanuatu Passport, as per the Passports Act No. 20 of 2009.

The two approved Vanuatu travel documents are:

  1. Vanuatu Passport
  2. Certificate of Identity

The processing time for a Vanuatu Passport depends on the fees paid. For example, if you pay for a passport application that costs 25,000 Vatu, you can expect to receive your passport within 3 days. Refer to Passport application Form A, Form B, Form C for specific details.

Vanuatu Passports can be collected at various Immigration offices in the provinces, including Port Vila, Santo, Malekula, Tanna, and Ambae. In the future, there will be an Immigration office in Torba Province.

To make services more accessible, the government is working to establish Immigration offices in all six provinces in Vanuatu. You can currently lodge your application at the offices in these provinces.

You can lodge your passport application at the Heads of mission overseas. Their contact information is provided. Alternatively, you may also send your application online to [email protected] and arrange for payment through a relative.

If you hold dual citizenship, it is essential to enter or leave Vanuatu using your Vanuatu Passport. Immigration border officials will not issue a visa to a Vanuatu citizen.

Using someone else’s passport details or a passport with reasonable cause to suspect that it has expired or been canceled is an offense under the Passport Act No. 20 of 2010. This includes allowing another person to use your travel document or retaining someone else’s travel document against their will.

No, citizens of Vanuatu do not require a Vanuatu Visa as they are already citizens of the country.

If your Vanuatu Passport expires, you can apply for renewal using passport application Form C. Additionally, pursuant to section 27 of No. 20 of 2009, you must return your old Vanuatu Passport to the Department of Vanuatu Immigration Services as Vanuatu travel documents are the property of the Republic of Vanuatu.