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Designated Ports

Border Control and Approved Ports of Entry in Vanuatu

At the Department of Immigration and Passport Services, safeguarding our borders is a paramount responsibility. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our nation by effectively managing the entry and exit of individuals, all the while maintaining the integrity of lawful trade and travel. In fulfilling our duties, we uphold the principles of professionalism, fairness, and strict adherence to Vanuatu’s Immigration Act and regulations.

Given the unique geography of Vanuatu with its numerous islands, there are several designated ports of entry for various types of transportation, including crafts, yachts, and vessels.


Bauerfield International Airport (VLI)

Located in Port Vila.

Pekoa International Airport (SON)

Situated on Espiritu Santo.

Whitegrass International Airport (TAH)

Found on Tanna Island.


We remain committed to our duty of protecting our nation’s borders and ensuring the safety and security of all who enter Vanuatu through these designated ports. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work together to maintain a safe and welcoming environment.