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We provide information to our customers and public, and in return assist us in managing the movement of people to and from Vanuatu.

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Public Notice

Authorized Agents for Vanuatu 10-Year Permanent Residency Program
Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services inform foreign nationals interested in a 10-year Permanent Residency that specific organizations are authorized to issue the card under government authority.

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Important Notice: Unauthorized Agent – Vanuatu Permanent Residency
Satoshi Island Limited is not recognized as an authorized agent for Vanuatu Permanent Residency applications. Please be aware of their lack of accreditation when considering your residency options.

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Important Update: Vanuatu Visa Application Process Updated
Starting 31st September 2023, all visa applications, including tourist and business visas, must be submitted electronically through our official website. This change aims to simplify and improve the application process for your convenience.

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