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Explore our visa categories, requirements, and application procedures.

Whether you’re a tourist, a student, or a business traveler, we’re here to simplify the visa process for you. Explore our visa categories, requirements, and application procedures, and let us assist you in making your journey to Vanuatu hassle-free. Discover the Pacific Islands with ease, as Vanuatu welcomes you with open arms.


If you are a business traveler or entrepreneur looking to explore opportunities in Vanuatu.


Planning a brief stopover in Vanuatu on your way to another destination?


Whether you’re seeking to retire or live with family in Vanuatu, we provide the necessary information.


If you’re aspiring to study in Vanuatu, our Student Visa section is your resource for information.

Permanent Resident

For those who wish to call Vanuatu their permanent home, the Permanent Resident Visa.

Special Category

Certain individuals, such as diplomats, government officials, or individuals with specific needs.


In situations where your current visa status is about to expire, and you require additional time to resolve.


Discover if you are eligible for a visa exemption. Some nationalities may not require a visa to enter Vanuatu.