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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Request for a facilitation letter from the Department. We will need the following:

  • Copy of the passport bio-data;
  • Confirmed itinerary; and
  • Immigration Status i.e. work visa, permanent residency, citizenship etc.


The facilitation letter will allow the passport holder to fly with their expired passport to Fiji ONLY. A Certificate of Identity (COI) will be issued to the passport holder upon arrival at the Nadi International Airport and will incur a fee of $133 FJD. Please note that the facilitation letter is issued on the notion that the passport holder will renew their passport in Fiji. Requests for facilitation letters can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

You can apply for a waiver to appear in person.  Please download the waiver checklist and passport application form and ensure that all documents are in order as per checklist and passport form is filled accordingly before submission to [email protected]

Please be advised that applicants from all visa required countries must apply for Visa to visit or transit Fiji.

These countries do not need to apply for pre-entry Visa: Visa Exempted Countries (

If your country is not on this list then you need to apply for Visa.

Please download Visa Form and Checklist.

Download Visa Application Form :   visa_form.pdf (

The application form must be fully completed and submitted online.

Download Visa Checklist:    001APPLICATION-FOR-VISA-CHECKLIST.pdf (

The checklist will tell you all the documents that are needed for the category and type of Visa you are applying for.

Please ensure all documents are submitted as per attached Visa form and requirements checklist for Visas.

All requirements are to be submitted online at: Online Form

Or accessed from the Immigration website []

Applicant will be sent an email once application is successfully submitted online.

  1. The email will confirm the applicants FID number beginning with 0670-******  [this is to be used in all communication reguarding the application]
  2. The email will contain account payment details. [Please use details for BSP bank]

For Single travel to/through Fiji apply Single Entry Visa.

For Multiple travel to/through  Fiji apply Multiple Entry Visa

  1. Holiday – To enter Fiji for a Holiday
  2. Tansit – To transit Fiji for onwards travel to another country
  3. Business Visa – To enter Fiji for conference, meetings, business [up to 21 days]
  4. Fishing Agency (Crew/Seaman) – For crew of fishing vessels [up to 30 days]

Fees are stated on checklist.

  1. It takes about 3-5 working days for confirmation of payment. It may take longer if there are multiple bank transfers or issues with payment.
  2. 14 working days for processing of Visa.
  3. Processing may take longer if further screening/assessment is required.

Please plan and apply for Visas well before travel dates.

To confirm Payment/ Get an official Receipt for payment

  1. To confirm that Fiji Immigration has received my payment
    1. Ensure that you have uploaded payment details provided to you by the bank
    2. Also request for copy of official receipt and attach payment details to [email protected]
  2. To get an update on my application
    1. Email [email protected]. Due to the influx of enquiries it may take time for our officers to respond to your query.

  1. Check documents/attachments to make sure they are in PDF formatt. The platform only accepts documents/attachments in PDf formatt. JPEG and other formatts not supported.
  2. Check the size of the document/attachment.  Make sure that they do not exceed the maximum size for documents as stated on bottom of drop box.
  1. Convert, label and save documents in PDF formatt.
  2. Divide documents into size limit of drop dox.
  3. Upload documents to each drop box, making sure that limit size of drop box is not exceeded.

For any other queries please email: [email protected] [provide FID number where posible]

Due to the influx of enquiries it may take time for our officers to respond to your query.