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Important Notice: Unauthorized Agent – Vanuatu Permanent Residency

This note is to inform all interested clients who wish to apply for a Vanuatu permanent residency card that the company name “SATOSHI ISLAND LIMITED” is not an Immigration-recognized agent of the permanent residency program. While there may be some recognition of the company by the government of Vanuatu through other sectors, the Immigration department has not appointed them to issue any information or documents on behalf of Vanuatu Immigration. All agents representing the Immigration department have a legal contract, and according to our records, we do not have any form of legal contract with “SATOSHI ISLAND LIMITED.”

If you wish to find information on the approved agents for Vanuatu Permanent Residency, please email [email protected]. We value your trust in the immigration process and encourage you to verify the credentials of any agent you engage with to ensure a smooth and legitimate application process.