Student Visa

This visa is design especially for anyone seeking to do their studies in any institution in Vanuatu. An offer letter has to be provided by the Vanuatu or regional institution confirming his/her placement. A student visa application can be obtain online on this website. Note that a student visa will be granted according to the period of the program of study awarded to the student.

Student Visa Checklist

 1 Student Visa Application Form – completed and signed by applicant (or applicant’s parents/guardians if applicant is aged less than 18 years) (health and character questions completed and answered on application form)  

2 Visa application charge paid per visa applicant (unless applicant is exempt)

  • If applicant is aged under 18                                 2880 Vatu
  • if applicant is aged 18 years and over                   14400 Vatu
 3 If applicant is in Vanuatu: Valid Passport; or If applicant is outside Vanuatu: certified copy of bio-data page and all used pages of valid passport which you will use to enter Vanuatu  
 4 2 recent passport sized photographs of each visa applicant with name of applicant on the back of the photograph  
5 Evidence of enrolment in course of study (unless applicant is under 18 years and residing with his/her family in Vanuatu)  
 6 Deposit of a Security – equivalent to the cost of an air ticket from Vanuatu to applicant’s country of nationality or another country that the applicant is permitted to reside in, including airport taxes. A Security is required for each visa applicant.  
7 Evidence of funds / income to support all visa applicants for duration of visa – minimum 40 000 Vatu per visa applicant per month  
8 If applicant is aged 18 years or above: medical examination results  

If applicant is aged less than 18 years and will not be residing with a parent or legal guardian in Vanuatu: the applicant must stay with a Vanuatu citizen or the holder of a visa or permit valid for the duration of the applicant’s stay:

  • who is at least 18 years of age; and
  • who has provided an undertaking to the Principal Immigration Officer that they will provide accommodation, food and be responsible for the general welfare of the applicant during the applicant’s stay in the Republic of Vanuatu; and
  • is a person the Principal Immigration Officer believes to be of good character.
 10 If applicant is aged less than 18 years and will not be residing with a parent or legal guardian in Vanuatu: agreement from both of the child’s parents, if living, or legal guardians giving consent to the grant of a student visa  

Click here to get application form.

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