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Accessing and completing the necessary passport application forms is a crucial step in your journey to Vanuatu. To make this process as convenient as possible, we provide a centralized hub where you can easily access and download the required passport application forms.

Where to apply:

Applicants in Port Vila & Shefa province should lodge their passport application at the Vanuatu immigration office, kumul Highway, Tamarama Building, Port Vila.

Applicants in other provinces should lodge their application at provincial immigration offices:
Sanma Province:
  • Sanma immigration office
  • Fire station, Luganville santo
  • Po Box 365
  • Phone: 6401
Penama province:
  • Penama immigration office
  • Saratamata, East Ambae
Tafea province:
  • Tafea immigration office
  • Isangel, West Tanna

Passport fee various with different processing time and age.

  • 0-5 years 5000vt
  • 6-17 years 7,000vt
  • Normal processing time 10,000vt (up to 21 days)
  • Express processing time 20,000vt (up to 10 days)
  • Urgent processing time 25000vt (up to 3 days)

Please note that additional cost may apply for lost, damaged or stolen passports.

Previous travel document:

You must attach your previous travel document unless it has been lost, damaged or stolen.

Change of name:

If you have changed your name, provide details of all the names you previously used.

Evidence of Citizenship:

In your application form please declare your citizenship status and attached your birth certificate and citizenship certificate. In the case of a married women, your marriage certificate should be attached.

Consent of parents:

Applicants that are under 18 years of age must have their parents or legal guardian consent. Please note that the parent or legal guardian must complete the consent to issue a passport to a person under 18 years of age and also sign the application declaration in the application form.


Attach with your application two recent ID photographs. All photographs must be within the dimensions of 3.5cm X 4.5cm. It is important that an identity witness must sign and date the back of the photo.

  • The applicant must sign inside the signature box and also sign the application declaration.
  • An identity witness must also sign inside the witness declaration box.
Filling in the form:

The form is fillable within Adobe Reader. This allows you to type in the details directly into the form and print it out for clear results. Also note that you can print out the form and complete it using a blue or blank pen.

Below are the downloadable passport forms:

  • For a new passport application, complete FORM A Vanuatu citizens passport application.
  • For citizenship by investment programs, complete FORM B citizenship by investment programs passport application.
  • For lost, damaged and expired passport, complete FORM C lost damaged and expired passport application.

Vanuatu citizens application – Form A

Citizenship By Investment Application – Form B

Lost/Damaged/ Expired Application – Form C

Certificate Of Identity Application Form (CI)

For further clarification, please contact us on [email protected]