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Permanent Resident VISA

If you’re a business traveler seeking opportunities in Vanuatu, our Business Visa is designed to facilitate your journey. Vanuatu offers a range of business visa options to cater to various purposes, from meetings and negotiations to exploratory visits and temporary employment.


This visa has five categories grouped into two parts.

Part A: Subclass 131
  • Subclass 131 is available for individuals whose parents are Ni Vanuatu or of Ni Vanuatu descent.
  • It is also open to those who have been residing in Vanuatu for the last 12 months.
  • Applicants must apply to the office of the Director of Vanuatu Immigration Services using the prescribed application form available on this website.
Part B: Subclass 132-135
  • This visa product is designed to accommodate serious investors intending to invest in Vanuatu.
  • It offers more attractive benefits compared to the standard Vanuatu resident visa.
  • However, the requirements are stringent.
  • Interested applicants must apply to the office of the Director of Vanuatu Immigration Services using the provided prescribed form.

To access the application form, click the link below.

Documentary Requirements
  1. Proof of Identity: Applicants who are 18 years of age or over are required to provide at least three documents that collectively contain their photograph, signature, current address, date of birth, birth name, and any changes of name. These documents should be attached as certified copies.

  2. Evidence of Penal Clearance: If you have lived or traveled outside Vanuatu for periods totaling 90 days or more since you were granted your current Vanuatu visa and were aged 18 years or over at the time, you are required to list the overseas countries where you have spent more than 90 days and attach penal clearance certificates from those countries.

  3. Supporting Documents: This may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the specific subclass of permanent residence visa you are applying for. Supporting documents typically include evidence of your qualifications, work experience, financial capacity, and other relevant information.


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