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Transit Visa

A transit visa is granted to travelers who do not intend to exit the airport proclaimed area during their stopover in Vanuatu, with a duration of up to 24 hours. If your travel plans include leaving the proclaimed area, it is essential to apply for a tourist visa.


We are committed to facilitating your transit through Vanuatu, and this checklist ensures that you have the required documentation in place.

  • Use this form if you are applying for a Transit visa to pass through Vanuatu in transit to another country without the intention of leaving the “proclaimed area” at an airport. If you plan to have a ‘stopover,’ you will need to apply for a Visitor visa.
  • Each applicant should complete one form.
  • A visa application charge is applicable for a Transit visa. The exact charge must be paid in Vatu and should accompany the application. Payment can be made via a bank cheque made out to Vanuatu Immigration or through international money transfer if you are outside Vanuatu during the application process.
  • Those granted a Transit visa must adhere to specific visa conditions, including staying within a proclaimed area and refraining from applying for any other type of visa.
  • Please complete the form by printing clearly in block letters.
  • Date formats should be shown as dd/mm/yyyy (e.g., 20/08/1980).
  • If you are not currently in Vanuatu, send the completed and signed visa application form along with certified copies of the required documents (as listed on the visa application checklist) and the correct visa application charge to the following address: Vanuatu Immigration Service Private Mail Bag 9092 Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • Incomplete or partially complete applications will not be accepted.
  • Information in a language other than English, French, or Bislama must be translated by a certified translator into one of these languages.

Click the link below to download the business visa application form.

Documentary Requirements
  • Completed and signed Transit Visa Application form, including responses to health and character questions.

  • Visa application charge of 1800 vatu.

  • A valid passport or, if you are outside Vanuatu, a certified copy of the bio-data page and all used pages of the valid passport you will use for transit through Vanuatu.

  • Travel itinerary or other evidence confirming a booked onward journey from Vanuatu to a destination outside Vanuatu.

  • Evidence of the necessary documentation for entry into the other country, such as a visa or permit.


For any enquiries related to this application, visa requirements, or visa conditions, please contact Vanuatu Immigration at: