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Residence Visa

If you’re a business traveler seeking opportunities in Vanuatu, our Business Visa is designed to facilitate your journey. Vanuatu offers a range of business visa options to cater to various purposes, from meetings and negotiations to exploratory visits and temporary employment.


You may include your spouse (married or de-facto) and dependent children (child unmarried under 18 years of age; or 18, 19 or 20 years of age unmarried and dependent for financial, psychological or physical support) in your application.

Grounds for Residence Visa:
  1. Partner: You are married to or in a genuine de facto relationship with a Vanuatu citizen or resident. Alternatively, you were married to a Vanuatu citizen at the time of their death and meet specific criteria.

  2. Child: You are the dependent child of a Vanuatu citizen or resident.

  3. Employee: You are an employee or have accepted employment in Vanuatu for a minimum of 12 months.

  4. Self-funded Resident: You have a certified monthly income from a Vanuatu bank (250,000 Vatu or 500,000 Vatu if including a spouse or de-facto partner). If you held a residence permit as a self-funded retiree before February 7, 2011, different income criteria apply.

  5. Foreign Investor: You hold an approval certificate as a ‘foreign investor’ from the Vanuatu Investment and Promotion Authority (VIPA) and, if applicable, a business license.

  6. Leasehold Holder: You own a leasehold property in Vanuatu valued at 10 million Vatu or more and meet specific income criteria.

General Visa Conditions

All visa holders must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Comply with all Vanuatu laws.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner conducive to peace, good order, good government, and public morality in Vanuatu.
  • Notify Vanuatu Immigration of significant personal or financial changes.
Specific Visa Conditions

Each visa type has additional specific conditions.

Please complete the form in block letters and submit it along with certified copies of the required documents (see visa application checklist) and the applicable visa application charge in Vatu through a bank check.

Click here to access the Residence Visa application form.

Residence Visa Application Checklists

To ensure a smooth application process, we have provided specific checklists for each type of Residence Visa application. Please review the relevant checklist carefully before submitting your application.

Note: You can find the checklist to your application form using the following links and also under application forms, Visa forms.

New Residency checklistRenewal Residency Checklist
Child checklistChild Checklist
Self Funded ChecklistSelf Funded Checklist
Partner ChecklistPartner Checklist
Leasehold Holder ChecklistLeasehold Holder Checklist
Foreign Investor ChecklistForeign Investor Checklist
Employee checklistEmployee Checklist

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