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All foreigners in Fiji must ensure to maintain a valid permit at all times while in the country. Foreigners should also apply for extension of their permit within 30 days of expiry to avoid overstaying and being declared a Prohibited Immigrant (PI) as covered under Part 4, Section 13 (2) of the Immigration Act 2003.

In the event a foreigner overstays his/her permit, he/she may apply for uplift of PI Status.

This section gives you an overview on how to apply for PI Uplift.

  • Non- citizen currently working, residing or studying in Fiji may apply for PI Uplift should they overstay in Fiji.
  • This is not applicable to those on exemption status under spouse or child of Fiji citizen;
  • For applicant who had departed the country and are on valid/active PI Status, applicant must await the decision on his/her application before making any travel plans to return to Fiji.


  1. Application must be made by persons over 18 years of age;
  2. All documents must be submitted as per PI Uplift Requirements (refer Checklist) click here;


  1. The Department reserves all rights to acquire additional documents for further verification, as and when required;
  2. Providing false information in this application can lead to imprisonment or a fine or both;
  • Applicant will be required to pay applicable application fee.

You must:-

  1. complete prescribed Application for PI Uplift click here;
  2. Upload your documents in PDF files onto the online application portal;
  • submit translated certified copies of all non-English documents in English (registered translator).

Documentary Requirements

View PI Uplift Application checklist.

You can lodge your application on-line click here.


Your fees may include the application, Forms, Publications & Fees ( and applicable fees.

Application actual processing period is 21 working days. However, processing times may vary due to individual circumstances including:

  • whether the applicant has lodged a complete application which includes all required documents;
  • response to any requests for additional information
  • time taken to perform required checks; and
  • receiving additional information from the applicant.

We will let you know when the decision is made on your application through email.


For further inquiries, please contact [email protected]