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Important Information

Residence Permit for Yachtees​​

A Special Purpose Permit for Yachts allows non-citizen yacht owners and crew to reside onboard their vessel in Vanuatu.​

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Co-Extensive Residence Permit​

Co-Extensive Residence Permit enables dependents to enter and reside with the principal applicant.

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Permit on Assured Income​​

Issued to non-citizen with assets abroad,
ensuring self-sufficiency in Vanuatu,
avoiding reliance on public funds.​

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Permit for Overseas Employers

Work Permit are issued to a non-citizen to be employed by a locally established business, organization or institution.

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Permit on Special Purpose​​

Medical Grounds Permit: Non-citizen,
recommended by certified practitioner,
resides in Vanuatu for treatment.​

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Student Permit​

Issued to foreigners authorizing a person to study at local Secondary, Tertiary, Vocational Institutions or Universities. 

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Public Notices


The Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services has discovered Fake Vanuatu Permanent Residency (PR) cards issued as of 27th March 2024,

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PR Official Directive Notice NO.2 For 2023

This note is made in additional to the notice dated the 10 of November 2023 Title "PRG Consulting Limited as Exclusive AGENT FOR GREATER CHINA, HONG KONG, MACAU AND TAIWAN"

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Authorized Agents for Vanuatu 10-Year Permanent Residency Program

Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services inform foreign nationals interested in a 10-year Permanent Residency that specific organizations are authorized to issue the card under government authority.

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Vanuatu unhappy with UK termination
Vanuatu’s Foreign Affairs Minister has expressed his profound dissatisfaction with the decision of the British government

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Vanuatu loses visa-free access to UK
The United Kingdom has re-imposed its visa requirement on Vanuatu and four other nations.

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EU halts Vanuatu visa-free access
Suspension to take effect from February 2023 as Brussels continues to crack down on investor citizenship schemes.

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