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Travel Documnets

Residence Permit for Yachtees​​

A Special Purpose Permit for Yachts allows non-citizen yacht owners and crew to reside onboard their vessel in Fiji.​

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Co-Extensive Residence Permit​

Co-Extensive Residence Permit enables dependents to enter and reside with the principal applicant.

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Permit on Assured Income​​

Issued to non-citizen with assets abroad,
ensuring self-sufficiency in Fiji,
avoiding reliance on public funds.​

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Permit for Overseas Employers

Work Permit are issued to a non-citizen to be employed by a locally established business, organization or institution.

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Permit under COVID-19​​

Work Permit are issued to a non-citizen to be employed by International or Regional Non-Governmental Organisations.

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Investor Permit​

These permits enable individuals to legally work in Fiji's maritime sector, contributing their skills and expertise to the industry.

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Permit on Special Purpose​​

Medical Grounds Permit: Non-citizen,
recommended by certified practitioner,
resides in Fiji for treatment.​

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Student Permit​

Issued to foreigners authorizing a person to study at local Secondary, Tertiary, Vocational Institutions or Universities. 

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